Not all grasses are the same!

That’s why PRO•SOL produces a wide variety of formulas that meet the nutrient requirements for various species. Whether you are fertilizing a high-end golf course or your common lawn, PRO•SOL has the products that your grass requires.


13-0-44 TURF

A high-potash product that promotes plant resistance to disease and drought in turf. The low-nitrogen concentration has a minimal effect on vegetative growth. An all-nitrate formula that is taken up quickly by the plant.


15-0-15 PRO CAL

A great product for turf with the added benefit of Calcium. This product is excellent in providing N for growth and K and Ca for more tolerance to disease and drought. Great for use in “no phosphate” areas.


25-0-25 TURF

A great product for many varieties of turf. The high-nitrogen formula promotes maximum growth and the potash promotes resistance to drought and disease.


28-8-18 TURF

Ideal formulation for bent and ultra-dwarf varieties of turf. High N promotes vigorous growth and green color while the P and K encourage balanced growth throughout the growing season. Chelated micronutrients round out the formula to promote healthy, vigorous growth.


30-10-10 TURF

For all lawns and turf areas. The high-nitrogen concentration promotes maximum vegetative growth at an economical cost.



Need a quick color fix for your turf? Kwik Green 15-0-0 is the way to go. This product is excellent for lawn-care specialists that want to improve color and quality of their lawns. Golf courses also use it for improved fairway color.