No two greenhouse growers are alike. The same can be said for the plants they are producing.

With hundreds of different cultivars being grown, the nutrient requirements for these plants can be quite unique. PRO•SOL works with growers to custom formulate a product that best fits their operation. Whether that be specific Nitrogen breakdowns or custom micronutrient packages, PRO•SOL has the flexibility to build the exact analysis our customers need.


12-0-0 CAL MAG

Rich in calcium and magnesium this product is designed to be used as a supplement to your daily NPK formula. Whether you are growing in soil, coco, or hydroponically 12-0-0 will provide benefits such as greater water and nutrient uptake. Use 12-0-0 to help maximize flower and fruit yield and create healthier plants.


13-2-13 CLF

Commonly known as a “plug special” this is the perfect product for plant plugs, liners, and vegetable transplants. The high nitrate and low phosphate levels are designed to encourage healthy yet compact growth.


15-5-15 CLF

An ideal all-inclusive formula that incorporates calcium and magnesium into one formulation. PRO·SOL 15-5-15 is a constant well-balanced formula for growers looking for a complete program in one bag. Also contains a complete range of micronutrients.


17-5-25 CLF

A high potash formula designed for use in greenhouses and nurseries.  A special balance of micros plus magnesium promote blooms and color.


18-6-18 Fe

Designed to encourage growth yet keep plants compact. This formula also utilizes higher iron and magnesium levels to create the perfect product for maintaining healthy green foliage.


30-10-10 SR

A specially-produced formula with 6% water-insoluble nitrogen. Typically used to fertilize trees and shrubs in the fall and winter through injection fertilization.