PROSOL has been manufacturing water-soluble fertilizers for Consumer, Turf, and Commercial markets since February of 1990.

Products Available



13-0-44 TURF   View Product Label

A high-potash product that promotes plant resistance to disease and drought in turf. The low-nitrogen concentration has a minimal effect on vegetative growth. An all-nitrate formula that is taken up quickly by the plant.

15-0-15 PRO CAL   View Product Label

A great product for turf with the added benefit of Calcium. This product is excellent in providing N for growth and K and Ca for more tolerance to disease and drought. Great for use in “no phosphate” areas.

20-20-20 TURF   View Product Label

An all-purpose 1:1:1 ratio fertilizer for general lawn and turf use. A slightly acidic formula that dissolves quickly and mixes well with other turf protection products. Excellent for use on greens, tees, and fairways, but also can be used on flowers and shrubs at the same time. (NOT FOR SALE IN VIRGINIA)

25-0-25 TURF   View Product Label

A great product for many varieties of turf. The high-nitrogen formula promotes maximum growth and the potash promotes resistance to drought and disease.

28-8-18 TURF   View Product Label

Ideal formulation for bent and ultra-dwarf varieties of turf. High N promotes vigorous growth and green color while the P and K encourage balanced growth throughout the growing season. Chelated micronutrients round out the formula to promote healthy, vigorous growth.

30-10-10 TURF   View Product Label

For all lawns and turf areas. The high-nitrogen concentration promotes maximum vegetative growth at an economical cost.

30-10-10 SR   View Product Label

A specially-produced formula with 6% water-insoluble nitrogen. Typically used to fertilize trees and shrubs in the fall and winter through injection fertilization.

CHAMELEON SOLUBLE     View Product Label

Golf courses need a product that greens up tees and greens quickly, and Chameleon Soluble is that product. Fast-acting micronutrients iron, manganese, and magnesium with a touch of N will improve turf color dramatically. Ideal for applications just before a tournament!


KWIK GREEN 15-0-0     View Product Label

Need a quick color fix for your turf? Kwik Green 15-0-0 is the way to go. This product is excellent for lawn-care specialists that want to improve color and quality of their lawns. Golf courses also use it for improved fairway color.




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