PROSOL offers many different crop-specific fertilizers to enhance root development, accelerate crop growth, and improve vigor and color.

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10-30-20   View Product Label

A leading formulation used for inducing bud-set, enhancing color, and enlarging flower size. The balanced nitrate-to-ammoniacal nitrogen ratio gives quick and lasting results. An excellent product that promotes root growth without excessive vegetation growth.

10-52-8 (Transplant-Other crops)   View Product Label

A fast-acting formula that promotes early root growth as well as shoots and leaves in young plants. An excellent product for transplanted crops whether applied through soil or foliar application. Later applications improve bloom set and flowering.

13-0-44   View Product Label
This high-potash product is ideal for seasonal applications that promote plant resistance to disease and drought.

15-10-30   View Product Label
The 15-10-30 offers a more balanced formula for crops needing higher levels of potash. This formula can be used throughout the growing season, but is especially beneficial during the fruiting stage.


20-10-20   View Product Label
This popular, general-purpose fertilizer is ideal for a variety of crops and growing conditions. The urea-free formula makes it a favorite for bedding plants and soilless media.

20-20-20   View Product Label

This balanced, high-analysis formula is the ‘workhorse’ in most growing operations. The 1:1:1 ratio offers a continual supply of nutrients for use on a wide variety of crops. Used for both soil and foliar applications, 20-20-20 is the most common multi-purpose product on the market.




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