Unlike many other soluble fertilizers, most PROSOL formulations have a guaranteed level of micronutrients listed on the bag.

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These patented water-soluble micronutrient powders are designed to provide an economical and easy-to-use formulation of micronutrients. The high concentration of nutrient in each CAC provides a low-cost form of foliar micronutrient. Each formula becomes completely chelated with citric acid when dissolved in water, which facilitates the uptake of the nutrient by the plant.


20% COPPER CAC       View Product Label

This 20% Cu formulation is specifically designed for use on small grain crops such as wheat, oats, and rye. University research has shown a direct correlation between plant resistance to disease and proper copper levels. As little as 0.25 pounds of copper per acre can provide significant results.

20% IRON CAC       View Product Label

Turf farms typically use this CAC to correct iron deficiency and improve the green color of grass. It is also used as a foliar spray on crops grown in high pH areas that suffer from poor iron uptake by the roots.

20% MANGANESE CAC     View Product Label

Early foliar applications of manganese can prevent deficiencies and poor crop yields. Foliar application is the preferred method of supplying manganese to crops.

25% ZINC CAC     View Product Label

As little as one pound of ZnCAC 25 per acre can provide significant zinc for deficient crops. ZnCAC 25 mixes well with most crop protection chemicals and can be used in starter or ‘pop-up’ fertilizers. Commonly used to correct zinc deficiency in row crops and prevent ‘rosette’ in certain tree crops.


BEAN KICKER     View Product Label

A premium foliar mix that is used to provide several vital micronutrients to soybeans and other crops. The balanced formula contains magnesium, sulfur, boron, and manganese in levels that improve yield and repairs damage from herbicide sprays.


CORN KICKER     View Product Label

A balanced formulation containing zinc and boron for foliar application on corn. CORN KICKER also contains magnesium and manganese to improve photosynthesis after herbicide applications.


FULL STRINGER 10-52-4     View Product Label

Fish pond fertilization is an important aspect of proper pond management. Full Stringer 10-52-4 is the original water-soluble fertilizer product developed for fish ponds. Easy to use and cost effective too.



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